Russian Visas for you

Consultational centre "CONSUL" can help to obtain visas required by many foreign nationals wishing to visit the Russian Federation.
We offer three basic types of service depending on the purpose of your visit, how long you wish the visa to be valid for and how many times you expect to visit within the visa validity period.

♦ What is a tourist visa?
A tourist visa can be used to visit Russia for tourist and leisure purposes or on a short business visits.
The trip can consist of either a single or doubly entry during a maximum validity period of 30 days.
The tourist visa will be issued for the exact days you have requested or that are stated on the invitation if you should be providing this document yourself.
Tourist visa are the most efficient for a short trip to Russia with a known destination.

♦ What is a business visa?
Business visas are usually issued to travellers visiting Russia on official or private business and allow you to travel when and where you wish within the visa’s validity period.
A business visa can be issued for varied reasons, including cultural relationships, accompanying family members and commercial driving.

♦ What are visa support documents?
If you wish to lodge your own visa application with the Russia consulate, you will be required to provide a visa support document, or letter of invitation, from a licensed organisation in Russia.
This organisation will be your official sponsor for both the processing of your visa at the consulate and for the Russian authorities while you are in the country.

You can be assured that visa support from Consultational centre "CONSUL" is genuine and that our company, as your official sponsor, will be on hand to help you while in Russia if needed.

To attention of businessmen and investors!

Consultational centre "CONSUL" is official Representation of Investment authority of Salah Ad-Din (Iraq).
Is necessary the help in restoration of the city - construction, restoration.
In Tikrit are necessary schools, hospitals, hotels…
If you wish to cooperate in this direction and are ready to arrive to Tikrit for the purpose of acquaintance with opportunities of the city and cooperation, please contact Department of work with the organizations for the address:
We will organize for you a trip to Iraq, meetings with representatives of the investment authority and so forth.

If the trip to Iraq is necessary to you, please contact us in any time, convenient for you, and we will help you to prepare documents, to issue the visa and to organize a trip in general, and also we will supply you with all useful recommendations and we will fully consult on any question.


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