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To Russia daily arrives a considerable quantity of foreign citizens which that is logical, on Russian language do not speak.
But the language barrier is easily surmountable, if to the aid come professionals.

Services of the guide-translator are claimed both tourists, and businessmen.
Businessmen aspire to combine negotiations and the cultural program, after all those who goes to business trip would like not only to work, but also cultural to have a rest.

Having ordered services of the guide-translator, you can quickly find common language with the Russia partners.
We to the full will provide to you and your partners ease of dialogue and we will help both at usual conversation, and at business negotiations.
Our employees will meet you at the airport and deliver to hotel.
Also, you can order the excursion program which will be made according to your wishes.

We are ready to give translators...
♦ from Arabian on English - from English on Arabian;
♦ from Arabian on Russian - from Russian on Arabian;
♦ from English on Russian - from Russian on English

...for all kinds of actions, as official:
♦ exhibitions, conferences, seminars, negotiations, business meetings, presentations;
♦ press conferences, symposiums, judicial sessions, trainings;
♦ business, the real estate, education etc. and entertaining:
♦ corporate holidays, banquets, weddings, excursion programs.

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