If there is a need to reserve hotel before a trip to Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can contact us.

Our company directly works with many hotels of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the countries of the Middle East.
We are always ready to offer a wide range of rooms in hotels of any category and on any budget.
Our rates for rooms, apartments and suites provide options for the budget traveller, tourist or business person that you will be hard pressed to match, let alone beat.

If you book a room for three or more nights in Russia and we will issue the Russian visa support (invitation) free of charge.

♦ Are there any dates that hotels will be more expensive?
Yes, like most hotels, the periods around Christmas (both Western and Orthodox), New Year and public holidays are usually busier and therefore usually more expensive.

In Moscow there are trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the year at which times the hotels may charge higher room rates at their discretion dependent upon local conditions and available for rooms.

In St. Petersburg, you can expect to pay higher room rates during the peak tourist season from May to August.

♦ Can I cancel a booking once I have made it?
Yes, generally you can cancel a booking if it is within 5 days of check in without penalty, however many hotels have their own specific policy that may extend or reduce this period. Please make sure you read the cancellation notes for the hotel before you book.

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